Meet the team behind Rufus AI, we are glad you are here.

Tjeerd Saijoen

Founder, CEO, and Lead Architect of Rufus AI Performance Tool

​Tjeerd (TJ) has over 45 years of extensive experience working in enterprise computing architecture development and optimization.  Tjeerd is considered by many as one of the top enterprise computing system experts in the world.  His expertise spans across a wide variety of government and private sector enterprises.  Because of his experience, he recognized the need for a performance monitoring tool that could monitor the entire system and not only identify problems but provide solutions.  Along with his son Quintin, an Artificial Intelligence development expert created the Rufus AI solution.

Theo Nater

Vice President, European Operations

Theo has 43 years’ experience in the ICT and for the last 17 years as Client-facing Sr. Senior Consultant and Enterprise Architect at IBM Netherlands and was also IBM’s Benelux Client advisor for the Strategic IBM-ISV Alliances Customers in IBM-Oracle, IBM-JDEdwards, IBM-SAP, IBM-Cisco and IBM-Microsoft among others.

Theo has a no-nonsense approach with Customers and has a strong background in Consulting, Presales, management, and implementation services roles.  He has extensive knowledge in complex multi-vendor IT and application landscapes, and good insight in strategic, operational, political, organizational processes.

Fred Lochner

Chief Global Development Officer

Fred has a national reputation for his exceptional creativity, innovation, and ideation skills. His visionary approach propels him to construct solutions that are not constrained by the status quo. As an innovation disrupter, he has worked with government, fortune 500, and nonprofits sectors.

Fred’s experience developing solutions is unique, and he is skilled in all phases of the project lifecycle. His diversified, country-wide project experience, combined with his first-hand knowledge in experience design, has propelled him to champion some truly unique projects.

Before joining Rufusforyou, LLC, Fred led his own company for more than two decades of Imperial Multimedia.

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