Rufus AI Features & Benefits for your Database Structure.

Secure your cloud database with Rufus AI.  Take an active approach to benchmarking, health checks, licensing, and more for your database.

Benchmark Database

Rufus AI is imbedded with benchmark configuration data from all known vendors that are mission-critical to your organization. This information includes best practice data. By comparing your system to this benchmark data, Rufus AI can identify problems within your network.


Prevent Business Interruption

By identifying these problems, you can prevent business interruption in the business processes and avoid costly performance delays.
This is important when code testing in DevOps. By testing the code before going to production, you can prevent poor performance.

Configuration Health Check

Rufus AI maintains your system benchmarks. If something changes in your system that causes performance problems, Rufus AI will detect the changes allowing you to restore your system.


Reduce Help Desk Calls

Reduced help desk calls, saves you money.
Another valuable feature of maintaining benchmark data is when code testing in DevOps. Rufus AI allows you to test in simulated environments; for example, you can perform a test that simulates 1000’s of users to check performance before going into a live setting.

Prevent Performance Issues

By checking everything in DevOps, you prevent costly performance issues and to avoid downtime.

Performance Classification

We benchmark and optimize response times to mission-critical applications and ensure your systems are operating at peak performance and in compliance with SLAs.


Performance = Efficiency

By improving performance, enterprises become more efficient, resulting in more productivity at a lower cost.

License Management

Rufus AI license management ensures that all users have access to application systems, which in turn provides license compliance.


Avoid Costly Penalties

Rufus AI helps you avoid costly penalties by monitoring and managing your licenses.

Infra Monitoring

We monitor the complete ICT landscape, including external response time and those coming from the cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud.


Seek Out Performance Problems

By monitoring the entire eco-system, Rufus AI can detect the root cause of performance problems. By identifying and reporting these problems, you can avoid endless discussions and finger-pointing with outside parties and get the right to the problem solution, saving you time and money.

Parameter Management

All applications have recommended and optimum parameter settings. This can change over time. If your parameter settings are not optimized, your system performance can be negatively affected.
Our patent-pending technology, delivered by Rufus AI, reviews and recommends misaligned parameters that will manually or automatically adjust values to ensure peak and optimal performance comprehensively.


Optimization = Peak Business Performance

The performance will always be optimized, assuring peak business performance.

Security AI

Detects cyber attacks by identifying unusual activity in your system or network.


Prevent Business Interruption

By detecting any attempt to infiltrate your system, you can avoid the cost of cyber terrorism.

Live Reporting

PDF reports produced by Rufus AI can be clicked on to view live reporting allowing you to compare if your solution has provided the right remediation.


Interactive PDF Reports

Live reporting saves you time and money, confirming problem resolutions.

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