Bulletin on Cybersecurity: Rufus AI Security and Performance

Recent cybersecurity breaches in the united states have triggered alarm bells about known and unknown threats to our most sensitive data and systems.

Working Virtual is the New "Normal"

The coronavirus pandemic has forced companies to adopt an unprecedented move to a virtual work from a home workplace. Many companies are discovering that continuing these changes could have some long-lasting positive effects, including efficiency, cost savings, and more.

It's never been more critical than now!

Rufus AI is an artificial intelligence engine built to provide total open system performance improvements and security.

Engineered for Cloud Based Native & Hybrid Environments

Rufus AI is a US-based company that has experience with monitoring all aspects of the OSI.
The team has experience with Mainframes, System I, as well as implementing CMDB, Discovery of ICT and non-ICT assets (IoT), configuration and license management, disaster & recovery, networking, application, and infrastructure.
We developed Rufus AI to prevent outages of hardware, software, applications, all delivered from a SaaS model.
Rufus AI protects your business against computer disruptions and optimizes your IT environment.

Rufus AI can prevent downtime, do you know the cost of downtime for your business?

Disclaimer: Calculator is meant to provide an estimate not to be used as a final downtime analysis.

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All-in-one platform

  • Assist in Performance
  • Automation on The Fly
  • Capacity on Demand
  • Deploy Systems on Demand
  • Fewer Helpdesk Calls
  • Lowers ICT Budget
  • More Transactions with Less Hardware or Cloud
  • Prevent Business Loss
  • Pro-Active Manage and Detection

Partners of Rufus AI

Rufus AI coordinates with other businesses to provide the best service to our clients. Sometimes the best solution is already available, whether you know it or not. Rufus AI aims to give you knowledge and options to make the best decision for your needs. Learn more about our partners here.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Reduced our IT costs by 700K”
“Reduced help desk calls by more than 60%, resulting in a savings of 2 FTE”
“Reduced system outages by 70%, saving millions”

“Increased IT performance by more than 10%
(4 seconds response time down to 3)”

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